Accelerating battery innovation

kurybees bright ideas to amp-up your batteries

Optimize battery efficiency and durability

kurybees bright ideas to amp-up your batteries

Supporting our customers with our expertise

kurybees bright ideas to amp-up your batteries

Our vision

Our ambition

"Becoming a reference centre for our expertise in modelling energy storage systems"

Our values

BOLDNESS to push the limits ever further

FREEDOM at the service of creativity

LOYALTY by fulfilling our commitments

Our missions

ACCELERATE battery innovation by leveraging our modeling expertise

OPTIMIZE battery efficiency and durability

SUPPORT our customers in the key stages of the realization of their solutions

About the founder

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Over 10 years of industry and research experience to understand battery systems and unlock their full potential


Name and logo

kurybees s’inspire de Curibis le nom Romain de la ville natale du fondateur, actuellement appelée Korba. Ce choix traduit un sentiment d’attachement du fondateur à sa ville natale qui peut être vu comme un gage de loyauté envers ses clients.
The different transcription of the name Curibis by kurybees aims to highlight the bees of the English word bees. A symbol of productivity, organization and well-done work, the bee is a discreet but very inspiring and creative totem animal.
bees also refers to battery for electrical energy storage”. Electrical energy is carried by the free electron clouds, stored by the lithium ions that are inserted into the host material.
Here again, we can imagine the hum of thousands of free bees foraging in the flowers in search of the precious nectar. Nectar that the bee stores in its abdomen, like a fully charged battery gauge!

Representation of a LiPo cell cut in its center, revealing its structure in successive layers of electrodes. We can also see the suggested forms of k and b of kurybees.

Our activities

Développement de modèles numériques
Bases de données pour paramètres de modèles
Numerical calculations on kurybees servers

Expertise and analysis of state of the art, technological monitoring
Support for cell technology selection (roadmaps)
Setting up and monitoring research projects

Support for the outsourcing of tests
Support for RFI specification and monitoring, RFQ

Support for sourcing cells and battery modules from leading manufacturers


- Battery roadmap and related KPIs development and update
- Battery technological readiness level evaluation
- Assessment and follow-up of Battery regulations and technical specifications

- Development of cell design tools to generate material bill of materials and cost analysis
- Development of battery models with coupling of electrochemistry, thermic, mechanics and ageing (Matlab/Simulink, Comsol Multiphysics, Siemens Battery Design Studio)
- Development and updating of battery parameter libraries
- Generation of fast charge profiles considering cell, system and charger constraints
- Ageing modelling, evaluation of battery durability and associated warranty
- Development of energy and battery health management algorithms
- Design and sizing of battery systems

- Development and elaboration of electrodes and associated tests
- Support to physicochemical characterization ante-mortem and post-mortem
- Development of test procedures for cells/modules/packs (standard, standardized or innovative tests)
- Development of optimal experimental design
- Coding of tests on test bench programs (Biologic, Neware, Digatron, Kratzer)

- Project management
- Training
- Team management